Preserving the Beauty of Your Vehicle

You have a lot invested in your vehicle, and like many Americans, you may spend hours each day commuting to work, or shuttling kids around. This can mean that, while hurrying about, food or drinks are often in the car with you and can sometimes lead to messes. Your lifestyle helped you carefully decide on the car, truck, SUV, or RV you have chosen. The color, fabric, vinyl or leather interior, and the options you needed and wanted all played a role in your decision.

It makes sense you’d want to do all you can to protect and preserve that decision. Our industry-leading products help to keep cars, trucks, and SUVs looking new, both inside and out. Professionally applied at automotive dealerships nationwide and warranted for up to seven years, you can feel confident that our ResistAll products help preserve the beauty of your vehicle. Our theft and windshield protection also help to provide peace of mind, and for our customers in colder climates with harsh elements like salt and humidity, CalTex offers ResistAll Rust Inhibitor and Undercoating.

The company, our sales and customer service representatives, and our dealer partners are continually focused on delivering superior products and an exemplary customer experience, as we have since 1983.

We proudly offer a full array of top-of-the-line environmental protection and other vehicle protection products, backed by one of the industry’s best warranties*, including:

  • Exterior Paint Protection
  • Interior Fabric Protection
  • Interior Vinyl and Leather Protection
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Theft Protection 
  • Undercoating and Noise Inhibitor
  • Rust Inhibitors

* See your participating dealer for full warranty coverage details and benefits.

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Support & Services

Our warranty service representatives are here to service your vehicle claims. Through processing your claim, our goal is to create a customer service experience that exceeds the industry standard.